Marion Koopmans

Professor Marion Koopmans, DVM PhD, head of the Department of Viroscience at the Erasmus MC with 150+ employees, focuses on the global population level impact of rapidly spreading zoonotic virus infections, with special emphasis on foodborne transmission. Her own research focuses on unravelling the modes of transmission of viruses among animals and between animals and humans, and the use of pathogenic genomic information to unravel these pathways and to signal changes in transmission or disease impact.

As initiator of the global Noronet network (, she has developed a global network of scientists sharing information on disease outbreaks into a jointly owned database to study norovirus diversity related to human health impact. This work has led to the discovery of a wide range of norovirus genotypes that differ in their ability to spread and cause disease.

About the department of Viroscience
The Department of Viroscience of the Erasmus MC is an international centre of excellence for multidisciplinary, basic, translational and clinical research of viruses and virus infections at the molecular, patient and population level.

The unique aspect of the Department of Viroscience is its translational approach, with expertise ranging from basic virology to clinical virology, connecting medical and veterinary health, public health and ecology. By combining these complementary areas of expertise the Department of Viroscience is able to meet today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges in diseases caused by common and newly emerging viruses.

Global impact of the department of Viroscience (some examples)

  • Discovery of the human Metapneumovirus (hMPV)
  • Discovery of MERS CoV, and other viruses
  • The identification of camels as the reservoir for MERS CoV
  • Basic insights into how avian influenza viruses and other zoonoses cause diseases in humans
  • Unravelling how avian influenza viruses can become transmissible for humans
  • Discovery of mechanism of norovirus evolution and its impact on population health
  • Support to WHO as collaborating centre for emerging viral infections

Research at the Department of Viroscience (some examples)

In addition, we also focus on cross-cutting research activities like comparative genomics, comparative pathology and pathogenesis and Virus genomics and molecular epidemiology.

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